We search exclusive databases identifying potential customers


We enhance your lead database with critical information


We help you weigh which leads are worth your effort


We craft customized pitches to each of your contacts

How it Works

We select the best people
for your project

We get to work conducting
custom research

We reach out to potential
customers with tailored messages

We return results to you in
the format of your choice

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Why We're Different

Research customized to you.

We use highly skilled researchers and a combination of publicly and privately available data to obtain hard-to-find potential customers.

Effective, targeted campaigns.

Each outreach email is handcrafted to your target audience. We can do A/B testing, follow-up campaigns, and phone outreach too.

Best in class technology.

Our management and communications platform lets you stay up-to-date on your project's progress and see results as they come in.

A scalable, on-demand team.

You'll have an entire team of virtual, on-demand researchers, sales and marketing professionals ready to boost your bottom line.

Tamara B.
LeadGenius based in Serbia

Our team of experts have
been chosen from the U.S.
and beyond

We all know that in today's tough global economy, there are passionate, smart workers who are not getting a chance to use their skills. LeadGenius provides that opportunity by organizing and managing their available time towards finishing your tough projects.

About Our Workers ⟩

"LeadGenius has proven to be an invaluable partner for Stripe. Their workforce is skilled, adaptable, and extremely reliable, and their project API lets us completely automate crowdsourced research. Highly recommended."

Brian Sze

"Our product required a team with high attention to detail... We've been so impressed with the quality of work, we've added new's been a breeze to scale up these projects as needed, to get our work done."

Adrian Spinelli

"LeadGenius is an invaluable resource for our sales organization...sales representatives don't have to waste their time contacting stale, outdated leads from data providers, and can focus their energy on what they do best - selling."

Erin Romig

Plans that grow with you,
adjust at any time.

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